Size 4.5", 4 per pack.
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Nikko Octopus 4.5

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 Size: 4.5″ (114mm) 4 baits per pack.
Great for trolling, jigging and for inshore fishing for sea trout, snook, redfish, and flounder. Also quite popular with bass fishermen.
The head profile, bulging eyes, and suction cups give this bait a highly seductive profile. Super soft plastic enables legs to flutter and quiver with the slightest movement. Hollow heads accept weights when fished alone or with jig heads. This model is often used as trailers for bass fishing or fished Texas rigged for bass.
Super stretchy. Long lasting through many fish and multiple uses…usually well over 100 catches per bait.
Will not harden or dry out. Will not harm fish or animals if ingested.