Size 2.9", 2 per pack.
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Nikko Dappy Tadpoles

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Size: 2″ (73mm). 2 per pack.
These baits just seem to be always good for a catch. Even on bad days, it seems fish just have to check these out.
Tadpoles are one of Nikko’s best selling baits in North America. Nikko’s tadpoles have been effective anywhere they’ve been fished. In creeks, rivers, pond & lakes, and from bluegill to large bass, and croaker & flounder along the Atlantic coast, these baits just produce.

Scented. UV fluorescent.
Like all of Nikko’s baits, completely free of plastisols, environmental hormones, and other toxins. Store separately from other plastic baits. “Biodisintegratable.”

NOTE: For multiple uses, carefully place the tadpole back into the original tray in proper position. Avoid crushing.