Size 2.3", 2 per pack.
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Nikko Dappy Shrimp L

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Larger of the two okiami sizes. 2.3″ (58mm) body and about 3.5″ overall. 2 shrimp/pack.

Soft like a newly molted shrimp! Looks and tastes like one, too!
Bulging eyes fluoresce under UV. Anatomically correct and proportional. Legs and antennae sway and quiver in water make it irresistible.
A vertical hole through the carapace allows for weights or other attractants.
Built-in all natural, food-grade scent. No messy liquids.
Will not harden or dry out. Will not harm fish or animals if ingested.
“Biodisintegratable.” Phthalate and toxin free. Store separately from other plastic baits.