Size 8mm, 30 per pack.
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Nikko Dappy Fly Larvae M

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Available in 3 sizes.

Incredible softness means fish will keep this bait in their mouths longer giving you a greater chance to catch them. These baits are especially effective ice fishing. Great for crappie, sunfish & trout. Very popular with ice fishermen. Also used on jig heads, under bobbers, on sabiki rigs, and with tenkara. Although each larva can be fished individually, most fishermen in North America use a whole or partial strand strung on the hook similar to live bait. Scented with Nikko’s proprietary blend of all natural attractants with added garlic.

Each strand is 1.8″-2.0″ in length and each larva is approximately 0.2″-0.3″ (5-8mm) in length. Five strands per pack. Comes with a plastic tray inside a non-resealable package.