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size 1.9", 8 per pack. Size 7mm, 30 per pack Size 4", 3 per pack.
Nikko Pin Straight Worms Group BNikko Salmon EggsNikko Saruebi Shrimp

These amazing little worms pack a punch! Fished in both saltwater and fresh around the world. Fantastic for trout, sunfish and a variety of smaller species. Made of Nikko’s durable, super soft material, the slender tail wiggles...

Strand length: 2.75. 10 eggs per strand. 3 strands/ pack. Each egg is about 1/4″ in diameter (7mm). There are no other salmon eggs like these on the market. They are scented, look and feel like the real thing, even down to the natural...Size: 4″ (100mm) body + 1″ (25mm) antennae. Three shrimp per pack. NEW COLORS COMING SOON. Only green is available. Other colors sold out. Good for many saltwater species and also for both largemouth and smallmouth bass....




Size 0.7", 5 per pack. size 2.9", 3 per pack.
Nikko Squid Strips LNikko StoneflyNikko Tadpoles
Body Size: 0.75″. Scented. Used by professional panfish guides! Amazing level of detail and craftsmanship is apparent in the antennae, tail, gills, claw, feathering on legs, and segmentation to overall appearance and proportion. A clinger...

These tadpole baits have the “Wow!” factor. A fantastic finesse bait with phenomenal tail action. This is a bait of passion. Floating. Scented. Super stretchy and long-lasting. You’ll go through a lot of fish before the bait...




Size 1", 8 per pack
Nikko Waxworm
Size: 1.0″ (24mm) 8 per pack. Scented with Nikko’s all natural blend of fish attracting scents plus garlic. Modeled after real waxworms. These baits are awesome! Use just like live bait. We’ve had multiple reports of these...