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Lightweight, thermal jacket and overalls made with three layers of Insultex; protection in sub-zero temperatures. 100% Waterproof; windproof, and it floats!! Stay warm, stay safe with Arctic Armor. Each Arctic Armor jacket utilizes 3 layers of IDI's exclusive thermal insulator INSULTEX. One layer of INSULTEX protects a person to sub-zero temperatures. Multiple layers of INSULTEX can provide practically unlimited levels of insulation. INSULTEX is also windproof, waterproof and buoyant. Innovative Designs has perfected this design under the strictest guidelines to ensure buoyancy for fishermen. The Arctic Armor Jacket, with INSULTEX, consists of micro-air molecules trapped inside the fabric to enhance buoyancy. Keep warm and keep safe with the Arctic Armor Jacket from Innovative Designs. Great for ice fishing, snowmobiling or any outdoor cold weather sports. Insultex is the newest thermal insulation on the market and promises to revolutionize insulation as we know it. One layer of Insultex protects a person to sub-zero temperatures. One square yard of Insultex is .021 inches thin and weighs .42 onces. Insultex is buoyant and 8.8 ounces of Insultex can float approximately 287 pound of body weight.